Interflow's origins began with the founding of the company 'Bos & Eelman' on January 2nd, 1974. Over the years, Interflow has grown into an established brand name in the laminar air flow and cleanroom industry. As a specialist in clean air, Interflow is all about clean air in production environments with the aim of providing product and personal protection. Our mission is to advise, guide and realise a safe and protected production area and / or workplace where it concerns the risk of contamination for the product and / or person via air flows. Working safely starts at Interflow.

Founders Harry Bos and Pieter Eelman

Founders Harry Bos and Pieter Eelman

A kitchen table above a shop in Middenmeer was the setting for the establishment of Bos & Eelman. Founders Harry Bos and Pieter Eelman decide to combine their acquired knowledge of air treatment techniques and start their own company in laminar air flow techniques. To this day, these techniques ensure that both people and products can be protected against harmful external influences. The company grew and the activities expanded with the development and manufacture of cleanrooms. These are specially designed spaces to limit or exclude contamination from a product process or investigation.


In 2000, Interflow became 100% part of BAM Techniek, an operating company of Koninklijke BAM Groep nv. In this year Harry Bos handed over the directorship of Interflow to Cor Boonacker. Under the leadership of Cor Boonacker, Interflow increasingly entered the healthcare market. Investments were made and major projects were delivered.

Because no two projects nor customer process are the same, Interflow has been challenged for years to develop solutions with each specific customer process when designing clean spaces. This ensured that the level of knowledge increased and continues to increase. The acquired knowledge of the construction and maintenance, validation and measurement of clean spaces had the logical consequence that Interflow started to build complete operating room complexes. After all, an OR is also a kind of cleanroom.

In the past forty six years, many large projects have been realized at home and abroad. From Norway, Spain, Suriname, China, Pakistan, Puerto Rico, Indonesia, Ghana to the United States and Russia. Over the years, from manufacturing the first laminar air flow equipment in a farm shed in Anna Paulowna, Interflow has developed into a leading manufacturer of cleanrooms, operating rooms, sterile preparation areas and clean workbenches. In addition, Interflow has grown into the largest Dutch service provider in the field of maintenance, validation, measurements and total management of these products and projects.