Interflow is all about contamination control by the use of ‘clean air’ in different production environments. In the pharmaceutical and mainstream industry Interflow offers a wide range of solutions such as; Laminar Air Flow units and high-tech cleanrooms, to protect both products and people. In the healthcare sector, our operating rooms protect patients against (postoperative) wound infections, and protects employees who work with our clean workbenches in laboratories.

Interflow offers an integrated process; from advice, design and construction to validation, servicing and management. As a specialist partner in healthcare and industry we will work with you to find out which innovative solutions are best suited to your requirements. Both nationally and internationally, Interflow has all the expertise in-house to deliver the most diverse projects with the utmost precision and the highest quality. We work according to controlled and ‘certified’ processes that meet the requirements and regulations in the healthcare sector, pharmaceutical and mainstream industry.