In a hospital air delivery, as clean and sterile as possible, is vital. After all, small dust particles or micro-organisms can cause harm to people or damage products. As a healthcare institution, you naturally want to prevent patients from getting (postoperative) wound infections: You want to ensure that employees working in laboratories are safe and do not become infected. Interflow offers classified operating rooms and Laminar Air Flow units with which you can treat your patients in reliable and safe conditions and keep your staff safe in laboratories.

Interflow stands for a complete process; from advice and design to construction, installation, validation and management. As a knowledge partner, we will work with you to find out which innovations and solutions are best suited to your new operating room. Perhaps the Flex-OR, with which you can adapt ORs to new regulations in a short time; Or to your changed clinical needs. Our Flex-Plenum also offers that optimum efficiency. Whatever clean air solutions are required, they all offer optimal quality and patient safety.

Guarantee on delivery and certification

The production in our own factory ensures high delivery reliability and good, comprehensive, cost control. We are confident in our products and our delivery so we guarantee the certification from the approved regulators for your operating room, recovery space or Laminar Air Flow unit. That guarantee on certification is one less thing for you to worry about!

Increase availability

To prevent unplanned non-use down time, hospitals are given increased priority to our management and planned preventative maintenance. By clustering maintenance tasks we increase the availability of your clean spaces. As coordinator, we plan the necessary maintenance work to be carried out with maximum efficiency and to the highest quality: No delays! As a manufacturer, we also immediately recognize operational deviations and can quickly carry out repairs which are conducted by our own team.