Independent Medical Care Centres

Every independent medical care centre places high demands on clean, sterile air; both in the operating room and in the recovery spaces. (After all, providing care in clean air-conditioned rooms leads to the increase in the safety of patients). However the aesthetic aspect is equally important to patient experience and wellbeing. An independent medical care centre is often more luxurious than a general hospital. To achieve the best visitor experience, the representative quality and appearance continues after the reception and the waiting area.

Independent Medical Care Centres place high priority on quality and infection prevention. With the high-tech and classified operating rooms of Interflow you treat your patients in well-conditioned and safe environments. Thanks to a process that we carry out entirely in-house - advice, design, realization, validation and management - we can offer you the solution that exactly suits your care centre.

Flex-OR and cost control

We have all the specialties required in-house to design and deliver a ‘clean air’ installation incorporated into an operating room. Our specialists will work with you to determine which innovations and solutions will best meet your specifications and clinical needs. Perhaps our Flex-OR concept, with which you can quickly adapt operating rooms to meet changes in regulations or developments in your clinical requirements. In any case, production in our own factory ensures high delivery reliability and optimal cost control. In addition, we guarantee that the inspection authorities approve your operating room(s).

Optimal availability

Reliability and availability are an extension of each other. The outsourcing of management and planned preventative maintenance guarantees optimal availability. In addition, we carry out necessary maintenance quickly and efficiently. Any required reports will be submitted within five working days of the works being carried out. We care about the spaces so you can care for your patients.