Virtually every industry - from nanotechnology to semiconductor - has processes in which it is necessary to protect products and / or people from contamination. ie low-dust areas. With so-called ‘cleanrooms’ you prevent dust particles from damaging very sensitive equipment. For example, consider the manufacture of microchips. In a cleanroom or Laminar Air Flow unit you can limit the concentration of airborne contaminants to within specified limits.

Interflow knows how the manufacturing industries work and the production processes they use; therefore we and know and understand the production risks involved. To generate the very best, safest and cost effective solutions, our preference is to be involved from the very start of the concept design phase. Every necessary specialty is available in-house; from furnishing and mechanical engineering to electrical and installation technology. We are happy to give early advice on your projects, although our main offer is a complete an integrated process which includes: design, construction, installation, validation and project management. Because all the production takes place in our own factory we can guarantee high delivery reliability and optimal cost control.

Guarantee on certification

As a specialist, we offer the right ‘clean air’ solution for every application or every type of product. From modular units to regulated cleanrooms. We continually review and develop our products to ensure that we are able to offer the most recent innovations and technical advancements in the market. We also guarantee that the certification bodies and regulators will approve your classified spaces or laminar air flow units.

Optimal operational reliability

Total Cost of Ownership and efficiency are important factors for the industry. With Interflows excellent training process and a well-considered service plan, we can deliver the necessary maintenance regimes to a higher level of quality. This leads to optimal availability of your cleanrooms and laminar air flow units.

Qualify and validate

Technical Management also includes (re) qualification of your classified spaces. After undertaking the measurements required, the results are immediately available to you. In addition, you will receive comprehensive reports, including advice, from us within five days. Finally, we also take care of the validated delivery of your critical spaces and installations.