About Interflow

Contamination control via clean air with the aim to provide both ‘product’ and ‘personal protection’ in different environments: That's what Interflow is all about. Interflow is your key partner when it comes to advise, design, realization and validation of operating rooms, cleanrooms and laminar air flow units. We are a leading manufacturer focused on international pharmacy, industry, independent treatment centres and hospitals.

From design to validation Interflow has the in-house expertise that enables us to realize the most diverse projects with the utmost precision and highest quality. Consultants, designers and specialized technicians are available from many disciplines to deliver almost every project in its entirety. On this website we provide more information about our products which we have been designing, developing and manufacturing for many years in Wieringerwerf in North Holland; and then installing with our customers worldwide. Given our wide range of products we’re certain to have the right solution for your requirements. Please contact our sales team who will be very happy to provide you with more information. You will find the contact information on the respective pages.

Your partner in contamination control

Over the past near 50 years Interflow has developed an unrivalled expertise in contamination control and clean air. This involves controlling the air quality in controlled areas. Based on our years of experience we have built up a wealth of knowledge in the specialist, and often very complicated, field of air control. This knowledge also extends to a wide understanding of our customer-specific processes: We can deliver bespoke installations to meet the specific needs for environmental control for your employees, product and process requirements.

Core values

With Interflow you choose an honest company that does its work with passion and inspiration. You also choose us as a partner that, not only anticipates market developments, but drives them forward to enable you, our clients, to deliver your own aspirations. Over the years we have a proven track record with an extensive portfolio of trusted customers who share and endorse the way we work.

Integral realization

Since 2000, Interflow has been part of BAM Bouw en Vastgoed Nederland bv, one of the operating companies of Royal BAM Group nv. As a result we are able to undertake almost any size of project, no matter how large and complicated. Consultants, designers and specialized technicians are available from many disciplines to ensure efficient delivery based on strict project management. Large multidisciplinary projects can be carried out by teams gathered from our sister organizations at Royal BAM Group. You benefit from these unique collaboration opportunities.