Laminar air flow units

The Interflow Laminar Air Flow (LAF) units excel in providing personal and product protection. Wherever the risk of contamination or floating contaminants is disturbing, harmful or undesirable, installing our laminar airflow systems ensures maximum dust and germ freedom. Using our LAF unit your personnel and / or products are protected against harmful particles or micro-organisms, research work is simplified and quality control is possible.

We have almost fifty years of experience in the engineering, realization, validation and management of various cleanrooms and laminar air flow units. Interflow's LAF units are rated the best * for quality and value for money. In addition, our customers are enthusiastic about delivery reliability and service.

A Laminar Air Flow unit that suits your work

Interflow offers a range of Laminar Air Flow units, each with its own purpose. Use the configurator on the left side of the screen (PC and tablet) or click on the icon at the top right (smartphone) to find the LAF unit that suits your work. Then click on the image to find out more about the flow cabinet, and to request an immediate quote.

* Research by Dutch Industrial Market Research Agency (2018)