Cross Flow Units

The Interflow Cross Flow Unit, type IF / CF, has evolved over many years into an ergonomic top design. Due to its robustness and reliability, the unit requires an absolute minimum of maintenance. The unit is distinguished by a hygienic appearance and optimum ease of operation.

The unit is characterized by a low noise level and by using an energy-efficient EC fan motor, the unit has low running costs. The heat load is also reduced to a minimum. The operation of the unit is based on the principle of the laminar air flow technique. The airflow moves from the back to the front through the workspace and blows horizontally freely at the front. Particles released into the workspace are carried away from the critical area by the airflow. This creates a dust and germ-free environment. This environment meets at least class 5 according to NEN-EN-ISO 14644-1 and GMP class A.

  • Reduction of energy consumption up to 70%
  • Ergonomic top design Continuous control of air speed, always the correct flow rate
  • Standard day and night switching
  • Made of high quality HPL material
  • Standard stainless steel worktop
  • Completely smooth finish both internally and externally
  • Filters are exchanged at the front