Down Flow Units

The Down-flow unit, type IF / DF from Interflow is characterized by its compact but solid construction, simple ease of operation and its great reliability. Plus the unit can be used is extremely flexible and adaptable: It could be strategically positioned above your production facility, or placed on a base to create a conditioned workspace with one or more units.

By using an energy-efficient DC motor, the unit has low operating costs. The heat load is also reduced to a minimum. The operation of the unit is based on the principle of 'Laminar (Air) Flow' technique. This is an airflow that is filtered virtually free of dust and germs, which flows through the workspace at a certain speed and according to a certain pattern. In this way, 'dirty' air from outside the unit has no chance of entering the workspace. This environment complies with class 5 according to ISO 14644 and GMP A. Particles released into the space below the unit are carried away from the critical area by the airflow.

  • Reduction of energy consumption up to 70%
  • Low noise level
  • Pre-filters easily exchangeable
  • Easy mounting
  • Completely made in HPL
  • Long lifespan
  • Can be placed singly or in series
  • Available with stainless steel base
  • Absolute filter can be replaced from below