For carrying out sterility tests, Interflow has the high-tech Overpressure Insulator, type IF / IS. The Underpressure Insulator IF / IC has an identical construction and is guaranteed for safe working with active and level II substances, such as cytostatics. The ergonomic design provides optimal product and personal protection by completely separating the insulator from the surrounding area.

The insulator is distinguished by robustness and high reliability and by using an energy-efficient EC motor, the insulator has low running costs. The insulator consists of a main compartment with an optional lock on one side or on both sides. An extremely practical system with sliding blades ensures transport from the locks to the insulator. The main compartment is accessible by two sleeves with gloves. Both sleeves and gloves are easily interchangeable, the gloves even without breaking the integrity of the workspace. The air in the main compartment and the locks meets at least class 5 according to ISO 14644 and GMP A.