Comfort | Microbiological safety cabinet

A lack or excess of light, noise and/or heat can be unpleasant or even annoying while using a laminar air flow unit. Interflow has paid close attention to ergonomics and adaptability in its microbiological safety cabinets.

Within the work area there is a constant air flow, which does not affect you as a user in any way. Our microbiological safety cabinets are the quietest in the market at 48 dBA*. This low noise level is possible thanks to special dampers, the prevention of vibrations and the way the fans and filters are placed. The LED lighting provides homogeneous light that is adjustable as desired. In the work area there are no disturbing reflections or glare, and by using energy-efficient fans there is a low heat load. The work surface is round finished, so there are no sharp edges for the arms and legs. The base is available at sitting and standing height. There is also an electrically adjustable version that offers you even more ergonomics.

* Measured under ISO conditions.