Customer-specific construction | Microbiological safety cabinet

The microbiological safety cabinets can be equipped with various options and functionalities that further increase the ease of use. We are happy to discuss all your requirements with you and can provide you with advice. Because we build our laminar air flow units modularly, it is possible to make adjustments after delivery. Due to the modular construction, our microbiological safety cabinets are prepared for the future and can maintain their high quality.


In some cases, existing systems do not provide a solution. Certain situations - such as some hazardous materials - require specific, customized solutions. Interflow offers these in the form of specials. Ask our consultant about the possibilities.

  • Flexibility thanks to modular construction
  • Room for future modifications
  • All the benefits of a Dutch partner
  • Available according to WHO standards types A1, A2, B1 and B2

Visual alarm

Interflows latest development is the visual alarm. If there is a malfunction, the standard LED lighting dims. Instead, the workspace takes on a red glow. Because of the coloring, the user immediately sees which unit is available and which is not. This system takes the level of safety of our microbiological safety cabinets to an even higher level.

Acoustic alarm

In addition to the visual alarm, Interflow's microbiological safety cabinets are equipped with a strong audible alarm. As soon as there is a flow failure (inflow or downflow) for more than a minute, the user hears a sound that immediately makes it clear that there is an emergency. This sound sounds even if the unit is not in safe user mode. The combination of the visual and audible alarm gives the highest guarantee of safety.

Integrated touchscreen

A touch screen promotes ease of use of the microbiological safety cabinet. With one finger you can adjust various settings to your liking and, in addition, it displays all important information in real time. The screen is designed in such a way that it provides an overview and is easy to operate.

Integrated monitor

An integrated monitor is desirable if you want to enter or read data while working. With this monitor, you maintain an overview of the work area, and work safely, efficiently and ergonomically. It is possible to house a computer controlling the monitor in the microbiological safety cabinet. This area can be extracted so that no contaminating particles enter the work environment.

Integrated weighing scale

Scales are accurate, but therefore also fragile devices. If you want to use scales regularly in the protected work area, we strongly recommend that Interflow build them into the microbiological safety cabinet. This will make cleaning easier. It reduces the risk of damage when performing cleaning operations. An integrated scale also contributes to an orderly work area, without unnecessary cords and (large) equipment.

Infusion rod

If you regularly work with IV bags within the protected area, an integrated IV rod is a great value. You can continue to work in a clean, safe and organized manner with this infusion rod. This, in turn, ensures comfort and ease of use.

220V- / USB- /data inputs

It is good to think in advance about what inputs you think you will need. This can range from additional power outlets to USB connections. Ask our consultant about the various options.