Safety | Microbiological safety cabinet

Interflow's microbiological safety cabinets (msc's) meet the strictest safety requirements (the European standard EN 12469 and the GMP standard NEN-EN-ISO 14644-1, class A). Thanks to our inventive solutions, you and your products enjoy even better protection.

  • Complies with all safety laws and regulations
  • Fail-safe design and hermetic sealing provide unique, additional guarantee of safety

Guarantee of safety

Classified air flows through the work area of the laminar air flow units. This laminar air flow directs particles released into the work area downward. The particles are extracted through grilles around the work surface. A HEPA filter cleans this air, which is then safely and cleanly exhausted to the environment or the building's air system. Interflow's microbiological safety cabinets are also hermetically sealed. This technique reduces the chance of a leak and thus increases the overall safety of the laminar air flow unit. This is possible thanks to the use of the high-quality materials high pressure laminate, stainless steel and laminated glass, which does not break in its entirety even in the event of damage.


By using air pressure differentials within microbiological safety cabinets, you and your surroundings are protected even in the event of an emergency. In such a situation, contaminated air cannot reach the work area or environment. In addition, the laminar air flow unit automatically falls into the safe working mode, and can only be used when the unsafe situation is resolved.