Vapor Extraction Cabinets & Fume Hoods (Cupboards)

Vapor Extraction Cabinets of the IF / DAK type are ideally suited for the extraction of gases and vapors. Interflow has vapor extraction cabinets in various sizes. For customer-specific customized solutions, Interflow draws from an extensive fan range and a wide choice of filtration techniques.

The Interflow Fume Hood (or Cupboard) is the ideal size solution if you have limited space and want a flexible application of your fume hood. In addition, the compact fume hood requires less investment than a conventional fume hood. The fume hood is suitable for the extraction, or temporary storage of processes, in which gases or vapors are released.

The operation of the fume hood is based on the fact that air is continuously drawn in through the opening under the sliding window. As a result, an incoming air flow is maintained and it is not possible for gaseous and vaporous contaminants to escape. The fume hoods are equipped with air baffle panels and a bypass, which guarantee an equal air flow (extraction) at different window openings.