Validated and safe operating room

Several aspects can contribute to a safe operating room which complies with all current safety requirements. For example, hygiene and air extraction are crucial, but an organized layout of the space equally plays a big part. With Flex-OR you are, now and in the future, ensured of patient safety and a safe working environment for your specialists thanks to the application of innovative technologies and easy to clean elements.

Optimal air treatment thanks to inlets in the baseboards

Because the majority of airborne particulate matter is situated above the floor, traditional air extraction from four corners is no longer sufficient to create a protected area. Specifically for Flex-OR, Interflow has developed air inlets that are integrated in the baseboards. This allows air to be cleverly extracted at floor level across the entire length of two sides of the room. This advanced technique provides a uniform air extraction, independent of where the plenum is placed. All airborne particulate matter is quickly and effectively extracted and kept outside the incision area without it circulating in the workspace. Thanks to this kind of optimal air treatment, a large protected area is created that helps prevent wound infections and additionally also saves on energy usage.

Visibility through shadow boards and smart technology

In cooperation with Radboud University, Interflow has done extensive research on the use of shadow boards in the operating room. The results show that this smart system, which uses colours and shapes, is a very effective way to increase visibility. By using shadow boards in Flex-OR, instruments can quickly be located and easily stored while also being able to check at a glance if important items are missing. Additionally, various types of IT solutions can also contribute to a safe operating room, like remote OR monitoring or intelligent OR doors that indicate through design, integrated lighting and monitors when the OR is safe to enter.