Focus on the patient experience and the healing environment

Nowadays, many patients will not require ‘general anesthesia’. Operations are experienced more consciously and patient comfort is more important than ever before. Patient stress levels drop when they feel at ease, which has a positive effect on the treatment and recovery process. Therefore, a greater emphasis has been made to the overall experience of the patient. For example, the Flex-OR healing environment concept uses colors, lighting and form elements to create a relaxing environment.

An intuitive and comfortable working environment

A comfortable operating room is also essential for your clinical specialists. A working environment with optimal conditions makes a positive contribution to the productivity and reduces absenteeism due to illness and stress-related factors. There is an operating room that can be built to suit anyone; this is because the user-friendly Flex-OR is designed entirely on the basis of your own work processes. The result is an efficient, custom built OR with integrated workplaces, multimedia and shadow boards.

The most quiet operating room in the Netherlands

With the increase in technology usage, the noise level in the operating room has also risen. This is mainly caused by noisy equipment, ventilation and acoustics. Noise nuisance has a negative effect on the patient's condition, but it is also a distraction for specialists and it can even lead to hearing damage and higher stress levels. Thanks to the application of efficient air treatment, an intuitive layout and insulated flex-panels, Flex-OR produces less noise than a traditional OR. This silent operating room is therefore perfectly suited for working in utmost concentration and communicating in a clear manner.

A stable and pleasant temperature

In order to fight the growth of bacteria, preventing infections and balancing humidity, a steady temperature is a must. Thanks to the box-in-box technique, optimal ventilation and smart monitoring systems, you can always achieve an optimal temperature that is easily adjustable. In addition, the stable temperature offers comfort to the patient and the team.