Fast realization thanks to modular prefabrication

Flex-OR is a flexible operating room that can be realized fast because all elements are produced during the prefabrication stage in Interflow’s own factory. In the last step of this stage the flexible wall panels are integrated with all the technological and medical applications. On site the elements only need to be assembled and the OR is immediately ready for use. This process causes a minimal degree of disturbance because no dust or sawdust is produced and the noise level is a lot lower.

A flexible operating room is always adjustable

Once the Flex-OR has been completed and taken into service, the modular system makes it possible to easily implement future changes. A flex-panel can be replaced within a maximum of two hours which allows the room to remain practically untouched, minimizes downtime and ensures continuity of care. This could entail the replacement of a single flex-panel, but a complete reorganisation of the space or increase of capacity is also possible.

Complete freedom of choice for concept and design

Every Flex-OR is designed to perfectly match your own wishes. Together we will develop the perfect OR which is tailored to your own situation and work processes. Our credo here is that nothing is predetermined and that everything is possible. Consequently, you are able to make changes at any time during the construction. Because Interflow is able to cooperate with any possible brand or product, you have maximum freedom of choice for the layout of your flexible operating room and the elements you wish to integrate.

User closely involved during entire process

Right from the start, users will be directly involved in the design, the realization and the layout of your Flex-OR. During the entire process you will have one primary contact at Interflow, and you can always count on our personal service and support. Even after completion, we are happy to assist you with the management and maintenance of your operating room.