10 year warranty on your Flex-OR

While most operating rooms only grant a warranty of 1 year, Interflow offers a 10 year warranty on all Flex-OR elements. This way you can still count on our service after the first year. For us, an extended warranty is more than natural because of Flex-OR’s long lifetime, which is achieved by flexibility, safety and high quality. There is no need for expensive renovations or even an entirely new operating room when you can own a complete and reliable OR that is always up-to-date.

Guaranteed large protected area

In order to comply with today’s regulations, each operating room will include a protected area: an isolated operating area in which the air quality complies with the required performance level. On a day to day basis this level often proves difficult to meet because the size of the area is determined by various aspects in the workspace. Flex-OR can guarantee a large protected area because optimal air treatment can be achieved, thanks to an efficient layout and innovative air inlets in the baseboards.

Flex-OR is price-steady and affordable

Compared to a regular operating room, Flex-OR’s delivery and maintenance costs are much more affordable. The speed of the building process results in a cost reduction during the realization, while maintenance costs are much lower due to flexibility. Besides, Flex-OR is longer lasting and eventually also perfectly suitable for reutilisation. Flex-OR is not only affordable, but also a price-steady choice thanks to the prefabrication process that eliminates many risk factors and unforeseen costs. This way, you will know exactly what to expect.

Prefabrication in own factory guarantees quality

All Flex-OR elements are produced within Interflow’s own factory, and from here all the technological and medical equipment is also integrated. The combination of high quality prefabrication, years of experience and a broad knowledge of the market, allows us to guarantee maximum quality and offer complete security. We are responsible for the entire building process, which is supervised and monitored by our own professional experts during every single stage of this process.