Air treatment

To maintain a classified environment it is important to control the dust emission and capture in the cleanroom environment. Interflow builds air treatment systems in which ‘absolute filters’ are used.

The following aspects are important when designing an air treatment system:

  • The classification of the room. (Filtration requirement)
  • The required temperature and humidity in the room.
  • Required control parameters to be met (ie rate of change to temperature & humidity).
  • The total heating and cooling loads required to be achieved.
  • Possible prescribed minimum air change rates.
  • Air exhaust requirements.

The air treatment systems can be divided into the following main parts:

  • Air treatment installation.
  • Cooling installation.
  • Heating facility.
  • Filters.
  • Ducting.
  • Dehumidification installation.

Designing the air technical installation for a cleanroom requires expert knowledge: Interflow has the professionals with this knowledge in-house. This guarantees that, based on your requirements and legal guidelines, a reliable and economical installation will be designed. For more information, please contact one of our cleanroom specialists.