Measurement and control technology

Interflow has the technical expertise to design and install systems that maintain the cleanroom environment almost constant and within very close control conditions. Where necessary, Interflow will equip your cleanroom with temperature, pressure and relative humidity sensors. These sensors are linked to a fully automatic operating system. Interflow uses a high-quality control system for cleanrooms to optimize process monitoring, system flexibility, ease of operation, data-logging of process parameters and to minimize service costs.

An operating system must be user-friendly. In addition, the choice of operating system will take into account the requirements of the rules and guidelines drawn up by the inspecting authority or industry best practice. Interflow has many years of experience in developing and building dust-free environments and the control systems used to maintain these environments.

Interflow is one of the few cleanroom builders with the expertise to design, assemble, commission, fine-tune operating systems, and to program customer-specific software and/or parameters.

The additional benefits of a high-quality operating system are:

  • Possibilities for integration with other building control systems.
  • Monitoring of the production process.
  • An over-run timer and/or planner. (Time clock scheduling)
  • Modem functions for remote management and maintenance. (For example by Interflow).
  • An installation operational overview via graphic display.
  • Signaling of malfunctions / Critical Alarms.