Operating rooms

A future-proof operating room

Operating Rooms (OR’s), also known as operating theaters or suits, are becoming outdated faster and faster due to the rapid developments in medical practices and technological advancement. Flexibility in the initial design and installation of the OR will avoid the need to undertake major renovations to keep the OR up-to-date throughout its entire life cycle. Flex-OR is a flexible and future-proof operating room that has been developed by renowned specialists in the healthcare sector.

Guaranteed patient safety

Flex-OR is realized using a ‘box-in-box’ principle. It is made up of three elements: the air plenum, the air treatment system and the so-called ‘flex walls’ with integrated plinths that provide an extract air path. Flex-OR guarantees quality and performance thanks to the unique attributes of the prefabricated building parts. You are assured of a large, contamination free operating area for optimal patient safety.

Optimal availability

The high degree of flexibility, which is a result of prefabrication and the modular building concept, enables a fast and affordable construction process. The first ‘medical operation’ in a fully validated Flex-OR can take place within ten weeks of the order being placed. This massively enhances the continuity of your health care provision and the availability of your operating rooms.

The four promises of Flex-OR

Flex-OR is a modular operating room that perfectly matches all your requirements. Interflow makes four essential promises for the design, realization and management of your Flex-OR:

  • Comfort: Flex-OR is the quietest operating room in the Netherlands. The temperature is maintained at a comfortable level and is easily adjustable. The workplaces and multimedia installations will meet all clinical needs.
  • Flexibility: The modular system gives you maximum freedom of choice in the design process and ensures a future-proof operating room with low maintenance costs.
  • Warranties: Flex-OR offers the highest quality assurance and a guaranteed contamination free area. You also receive a ten-year warranty on the modular elements of Flex-OR.
  • Safety: The intuitive design of Flex-OR guarantees the safety of both the patient and your specialists and thus the reputation of your healthcare institution.