Management & Maintenance Service

You should always be able to rely on your Cleanrooms, Operating Rooms and Laminar Air Flow units (LAF units). Your employees and/or products must not come into contact with harmful substances such as dust particles, microbiological contaminants or toxic gasses and vapors. Your installations and equipment must function optimally at all times in order to prevent contamination.

The ‘users of’ and the ‘products’ in Cleanrooms, Operating Rooms and LAF units may be in danger if installations, systems and equipment are not working properly. In order to keep the safety hazards to a minimum, the installation, systems and equipment must undergo a thorough inspection periodically. Interflow can perform these inspections and provide documented evidence that proves that a specified process meets the predefined requirements. This process is called validation. The validation inspection report provides evidence to authorities, such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

Interflow provides a technical management & maintenance service for the following:

  • Air treatment installations
  • Cleanrooms (as-built, at-rest & operational)
  • Laboratories
  • Operating rooms
  • Laminar air flow units
  • Monitoring systems

Interflow can safeguard your certified Cleanrooms, Operating Rooms and Laminar Air Flow units with its management & maintenance service. This service will ensure that ‘Down Time’ is minimized; all technical files are up to date; critical components are identified and tested and certificates are maintained.