Validation and Measurement Service

The core tasks of the department is to validate and maintain Cleanrooms, Laminar Flow equipment, safety extraction units and air treatment installations and in doing so to undertake the various air technical measurements required. We can carry out these tasks on all installations whether they be Interflow installations or those installed by others.

An important part of the validation process concerns the measurement of particle concentrations for the dust classifications of Cleanrooms, laboratories and operating rooms. In order to achieve a dust classification your installation, including the HEPA filters, must be functioning correctly. The HEPA filters are checked by means of an integrity test. This determines the filter efficiency and traces any leaks in the HEPA filter. We also carry out air flow measurements in which air volumes and ventilation rates are tested against design requirements.

The measurements mentioned above are only an small example of the tests that the Validation and Measurement Service can perform. Other measurements and tests include:

  • Temperature and relative humidity measurement
  • Differential pressure measurements between spaces
  • Differential pressure measurements over filters
  • Measurement degree of filter contamination
  • Airspeed measurements
  • Determination of ventilation and circulation rates
  • Recording flow patterns
  • Volume and brightness measurements
  • Recovery time measurements (recovery test)
  • CFU determinations by means of a biotest (surface and air samples)
  • KJ test (demonstrating personal protection for, among other things, microbiological safety cabinets)
  • Pressure and dew point determination of gases
  • Particle concentration measurements of gases
  • Data logging of various parameters
  • Calibration of sensors and magnets
  • CE testing
  • Water volume flow measurement

Implementation and reporting

Validations and measurements are performed by our well-trained measurement technicians. They have followed safety training (VCA) and specific Cleanroom training. Our technicians are equipped with a complete set of advanced, collaborated, measuring equipment to carry out all required testing. This makes it possible to immediately remedy almost all possible defects. Our measurement technicians work according to established measurement protocols that are composed of the applicable standards. We may also perform measurements in accordance with a customer-specific protocol. The house rules and safety rules are always observed when carrying out the work. Only calibrated and approved measuring equipment is used to obtain clean measured values. In many cases, reporting is done electronically. To this end, our technicians have a laptop at their disposal with customer-specific, automated measurement reports. Measured values ​​are entered directly into the system, which guarantees a fast turnaround time from the report to the client. The clear reports consist of the measurement results, applied measurement protocols, calibration reports of the equipment used, inspection certificates, prints of raw data, conclusions and any advice and recommendations regarding better use of the installation or equipment.

Additional Expertise

In addition to performing validations and measurements, the Validation and Measurement Service also performs additional support activities. The range of services also includes:

  • Taking care of the commissioning of new installations and equipment (including the adjustment of air technical installations, the installation of Laminar Flow and safety extraction units and the instruction and advice of users)
  • Replacing filters and other parts / components
  • Performing maintenance and inspections
  • Troubleshooting
  • Carrying out repairs and modifications
  • Moving installations and equipment.

This is just a selection of the services that Interflow can provide. For more information, please contact our validation specialists.

Validation and maintenance contract: extension of warranty period

You can guarantee the periodic validation and maintenance of your installations and equipment by agreeing a ‘validation and maintenance contract’ with Interflow. A validation plan will be drawn up based on your specific situation. It states which equipment must be checked and with what frequency this must be done. Then Interflow will make an appointment with you to validate the equipment before the expiry date of the certificate expires. Interflow goes even further. If you immediately purchase a validation and maintenance contract when purchasing Interflow Laminar Flow equipment or safety extraction units, the guarantee for the equipment in question will be extended to no less than 5 years instead of the usual 1 year. Of course it is also possible to have your installations and equipment validated and maintained on an order basis. Please ask our validation specialists for this.